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Welcome to Nunavut Qiviut!

Nunavut Qiviut sustainably innovates, produces, and sells yarn from muskox qiviut, Arctic fox and Arctic hare. In addition to qiviut yarn, we also make qiviut toques, scarves and socks. We hope that you enjoy your experience!

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"Your beautiful Qiviut yarn arrived safely and I now have an exquisite and unique cardigan.   Qiviut is so light and soft to wear and incredibly warm - wonderful for travel.” - Margaret from Australia (Repeat Customer).


"My beautiful qiviut yarn arrived!  I'm delighted with it, and I can't wait to start on some projects.  Such beautiful yarn!  I love the colors, and it's so soft.  I like the way your company supports sustainable sourcing and the local population.  Keep it up!   Best,... Kathy" - from NH, USA (Repeat Customer).


"Consider treating yourself to this special fiber. Lighter and warmer than wool with a palette of gorgeous colours and weights.  Sustainable and ethical.  The perfect yarn for me!" - Kristen - from Northwest Territories, Canada (Repeat Customer).