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Pure 100% Qiviut Spinning Fibre and Roving

Nunavut Qiviut spinning fibre and roving in natural colour is sold in 1 oz increments. The qiviut spinning fibre is professionally washed and de-haired to separate the valuable fine qiviut from the long course guard hair of muskox. Almost all the guard hair is removed in the de-hairing process.  This spinning fibre is the same fibre that Nunavut Qiviut uses to make 100% qiviut yarn, as well as qiviut, merino and silk blend yarns.  The roving is also the same that we use to make Nunavut Qiviut 100% qiviut yarn. It is from wild muskox that freely roam the tundra of Nunavut, and is only available from Nunavut Qiviut.