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Pattern Support

Nunavut Qiviut is a part of a growing community of people who knit and crochet with qiviut and other Arctic fibre.

Most qiviut and qiviut blend yarn is spun as a thick lace or light fingering yarn. Historically most qiviut yarns made have ranged between 180 to 220 yards per ounce. Nunavut Qiviut lace yarns for qiviut, qiviut blends, Arctic fox, and Arctic hare are 190 yards per ounce. Any pattern calling for qiviut or qiviut blend lace yarns within this specification will work with Nunavut Qiviut lace yarn. Similarly, any cashmere or cashmere blend lace yarn patterns will work with qiviut or qiviut yarn blends.  They will work with Arctic fox and Arctic hare yarns made by Nunavut Qiviut as well.

Nunavut Qiviut also makes a fingering weight 3 play qiviut yarn in 2 ounces skeins at 133 yards/oz. has a number of knit and crotchet projects using patterns that work with Nunavut Qiviut, or patterns were specifically made with Nunavut Qiviut yarn. Ravelry access is free and requires a login. Just type 'Nunavut Qiviut' in the yarn search field and go from there!  You can also search 'Qiviut' generally and see a variety of patterns that will work with Nunavut Qiviut yarns.

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If a knitter or crocheted wants to share their work with Nunavut Qiviut, you can e-mail Nunavut Qiviut and we can feature your work or pattern on our Instagram account.


Bara Donates Nirumiktuq Hat Design for Nunavut Qiviut Knitters

Bara has created and graciously donated this "Checkerboard Warmth" Nirumiktuq hat design. Nirumiktuq means 'soft and warm' in Inuktut. The Qiviut Blend and Arctic Fox Yarn by Nunavut Qiviut that includes superfine merino works well for hats as it has the elasticity required to retain its shape. The qiviut and Arctic fox (or Arctic Hare - you choose!) in this design increases the softness and warmth and develops a soft halo over time. You can also choose to skip the white pattern and make a plain hat, or use another colour of qiviut yarn instead of Arctic Fox or Arctic Hare. Thank You Bara! We love you!