Luxury Yarn and Knitwear from Sustainable Arctic Fibre

Enquiries or Purchase

Where to find Nunavut Qiviut Yarn and Knitwear

Nunavut Qiviut has developed a loyal network of Arctic-based yarn stores and art galleries who sell qiviut yarn and qiviut knit goods made from Muskox, Arctic Fox and Arctic Hare fibre. Our partners are shop owners across the Arctic North American continent from Nunavik (northern Quebec), Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and Alaska.  These partnerships broaden the economic benefit of Nunavut Qiviut to Arctic people.  We feature our retail partners on the Nunavut Qiviut Facebook page at different times through the year.  Nunavut Qiviut knit accessories are in high demand and are sold as soon as produced via our retail partners. So there are no knitwear sales through the web-site at this time.

We are experiencing interest from art galleries and boutique gift shops in southern Canada, USA, and Europe, who retail distinct Arctic luxuries.  Nunavut Qiviut thanks the Nunavut Development Corporation for assisting with these connections. 

Nunavut Qiviut also receives enquiries from potential retail partners, and from other design, fashion, and art sectors.  Please feel free to make these enquiries here as well. 

Direct Purchases from Nunavut Qiviut

If you are not geographically close to our retail partners, or your order is larger than what your preferred store carries, please feel welcome to contact Nunavut Qiviut directly by e-mail regarding the retail purchase of qiviut yarn.  We do not offer on-line purchases at this time from the Nunavut Qiviut web-site using a credit card, but we can facilitate purchases through e-mail.  

Please note that we ship from Kugluktuk, Nunavut which is in the Arctic of Canada.  There is only airplane access to and from our town.  If we experience inclement weather like fog or blizzards, the plane can't land to pick up the mail.  As a result mail delivery can take a few days to a week longer than from cities in southern Canada.    

For Canadian customers who buy directly from Nunavut Qiviut, we prefer that you pay electronically using on-line banking, but we also accept cheques.  International and American clients can pay using PayPal, and American clients have the option of mailing a cheque in US dollars. Nunavut Qiviut mails the qiviut product by Canada Post nationally and internationally after the payment has cleared in our bank system.  

In 2019, we plan to launch direct on-line sales with a 'buy' button.  For now you will have to e-mail us with your order.

Pricing and Inventory of Nunavut Qiviut Yarn

To assist with your purchase decision we list Nunavut Qiviut retail prices and inventory below.  Spinning of yarn is usually finished in March of the year and inventory can get low by summer.  Sometimes certain yarn sells out very fast.  Our yarn is spun and dyed in small batches.  Colour can vary slightly from batch to batch. So make sure you acquire enough yarn for your project to assure colour match.  We accept payment in $CDN or $USD. International or American customers can google the current USD:CDN exchange rate to estimate the purchase price in USD.  Orders equal to or greater than $300.00CDN receive a 15% discount, plus USA and Canadian customers receive free shipping.  The 5% Goods and Services Tax applies to Canadian customers only.

All yarn is in 1 oz skeins, 2 ply lace, 190 yards/oz unless otherwise noted.

We are stocked up with all yarns listed below for 2019, except sock yarn.  We expect to sell out of certain colours and blends early, just like last year.  As we get low we will begin to release numbers of units for each in brackets beside each colour.  But for now we have lots.

100% Qiviut Yarn - Price $146CDN

Colour: Natural; Ruby; Moss; Indigo; Plum; Midnight; Blue-Green.

60% Qiviut: 30% Superfine Merino: 10% Silk Yarn - Price $104CDN

Colour: Natural; Ruby; Moss; Indigo; Plum; Midnight; Teal; Blue-Green.

50% Qiviut: 50% Silk Yarn - Price $96CDN

Colour: Natural; Ruby; Moss; Indigo; Plum; Midnight; Blue-Green; Teal.

Arctic Fox Yarn - 30% Arctic Fox; 60% Superfine Merino; 10% Silk - $108CDN


Arctic Hare Yarn - 30% Arctic Hare; 60% Superfine Merino; 10% Silk - $108CDN


Sock Yarn - 25% Qiviut; 50% Superwash Merino; 15% Silk; 10% Nylon 3.6 oz, 3 ply, 400 yards - $238CDN

Natural (sold out); Ruby (sold out); Moss(4); Indigo (3); Plum (2); Teal (3)

 100% Qiviut Yarn.  Note: these are 2 oz, 3 ply, 287yds - $292CDN

Natural (12)

September Fall Colours near Kugluktuk (Credit: Umingmak Productions)

September Fall Colours near Kugluktuk (Credit: Umingmak Productions)

Muskox on the horizon (credit: Umingmak Productions)

Muskox on the horizon (credit: Umingmak Productions)