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Qiviut Fingerless Gloves

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Nunavut Qiviut now makes qiviut fingerless gloves!  These stylish qiviut knit fingerless gloves are very warm, thick, substantial, and soft.  This qiviut handwear design is knit oversized and then shrunk into shape, making the fabric dense and durable, but the extreme softness and flexibility of qiviut remains.  The custom made yarn by Nunavut Qiviut for these qiviut fingerless gloves is 50% qiviut, 35% superfine merino, and 15% nylon.  They have a double layered and ribbed wrist band to keep your wrists warm and to lock out snow. 

NQ fingerless gloves are both fashionable and functional.  They may be better described as "fingertip"-less gloves as most of your fingers and thumb are covered and kept warm by the qiviut.  This hand-wear is perfect if you need to operate a mobile phone or other equipment in the cold.  

There are two sizes: medium and large.  To estimate your size measure the circumference of your hand.  Start between your thumb and forefinger and measure all the way around your hand.  Any circumference greater than 8.5 inches should select a large size.  Medium will fit 7-8.5 inch circumference hands. 

The medium size and large size pair of fingerless gloves contain about 3.2oz and 3.75oz of material, respectively.   

These are available in the natural qiviut colour, which is a beautiful brown-grey.  Qiviut fingerless gloves make amazing gifts, but make sure you look after yourself too!

Nunavut Qiviut products are made in Nunavut and North America.