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Qiviut Gloves

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Nunavut Qiviut now makes qiviut gloves!  These stylish qiviut knit gloves are very warm, thick, substantial, and soft.  Featuring a firm wrist ribbing, this qiviut handwear design is knit oversized and then shrunk into shape, giving the fabric a dense, durable, yet super soft and pliant feel.  The custom made yarn by Nunavut Qiviut for these mittens is 50% qiviut, 35% superfine merino, and 15% nylon.  They have a double layered and ribbed wrist band to keep your wrists warm and to lock out snow. 

Nunavut Qiviut tested the qiviut gloves in true Nunavut Arctic winter conditions from January-March 2022.  At minus 15-20 celsius, with a  minus 25-30 celsius windchill, they kept hands snug and warm.  To make them even warmer in more extreme cold temperatures (i.e. -35 celsius windchill), simply add a windproof over-mitten.  

All Nunavut Qiviut handwear is very warm. In order of warmth comparing styles, the qiviut mittens are the warmest compared to the qiviut gloves and then the fingerless gloves.   The qiviut gloves are almost as warm as the mittens, and the fingerless gloves are best for urban winter settings or when fine fingertip dexterity is needed.

These qiviut gloves are both fashionable and functional.  Keep you hands warm winter camping, or hailing a New Year's Eve taxi!

There are two sizes: medium and large.  To estimate your size measure the circumference of your hand.  Start between your thumb and forefinger and measure all the way around your hand.  Any circumference greater than 8.5 inches should select a large size.  Medium will fit 7-8.5 inch circumference hands. 

The medium size and large size pair of gloves contain about 3.4oz and 4.4oz of material, respectively.  

These are available in the natural qiviut colour, which is a taupe, brown-grey.  They make amazing gifts but make sure you look after yourself too!