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Arctic Fox - Lace - 1 oz - Natural Colour

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This 30% arctic fox: 60% superfine merino: 10% silk lace yarn made by Nunavut Qiviut is sold in a 1 oz skein spun as a 2 pl y.  Each 1 oz skein is 190 yards/oz.  This fibre is not dyed and is a white colour with a slight grey tone.  The superfine merino and silk adds elasticity and strength to the softness and warmth of the arctic fox.  The arctic fox creates a beautiful halo in this yarn.  The light color of this yarn makes it excellent for dyeing many colours. Included is a photo inside and outside the igloo so that you can see the fiber in diffuse and bright light. The photo with Mr. Muskox demonstrates the whitish-grey tone of the Arctic Fox yarn (Right) compared to the Arctic Hare yarn (left).