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Qiviut:Silk - Lace - 1 oz - Blue-green

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This 50% qiviut: 50% silk lace yarn made by Nunavut Qiviut is sold in 1 oz skein spun as a 2 ply. Each 1 oz skein is 190 yards/oz. This qiviut fibre is dyed with Greener Shades dyes and is blended with undyed silk to give the yarn a shiny look. It is a lighter tone than the 60% qiviut of blue-green colour. The silk adds drape and strength to the warmth and softness of qiviut. Photos of all 50:50 Nunavut Qiviut yarn including the blue-green colour is shown in diffuse light inside the igloo and direct light outside to show the yarn in different light conditions.