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50% Qiviut:40% SFM:10% Silk - Lace - 1 oz - Midnight

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This 50% qiviut: 40% superfine merino: 10% silk lace yarn made by Nunavut Qiviut is sold in 1 oz skein and spun as a 2 ply.  Each 1 oz skein is 190 yards/oz.  Nunavut Qiviut fibre is dyed with Greener Shades non-metal dyes. This is a midnight colour. Dyed 50/40/10 qiviut results in a lighter tone than the colour of 100% qiviut dyed a black colour. The superfine merino and silk adds elasticity and strength to the softness and warmth of the qiviut which dominates the blend of this yarn. Included are photos of the midnight colour 50/40/10 qiviut yarn with other 50/40/10 qiviut colours inside the igloo in diffuse light and in bright light outside to contrast the midnight colour in various light conditions.