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Qiviut Spinning Fibre - 100% - 1 oz - Natural Colour

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Spinning fibre from muskox qiviut in natural colour is sold in 1 oz increments. The qiviut spinning fibre is professionally washed and de-haired to separate the valuable fine prime qiviut from the long course guard hair of muskox. Almost all the guard hair is removed in the de-hairing process.  This spinning fibre is the same fibre that Nunavut Qiviut uses to make 100% qiviut yarn, as well as qiviut, merino and silk blend yarns.  It is from wild muskox that freely roam the tundra of Nunavut, and is only available from Nunavut Qiviut.

Qiviut is a fibre that offers a new challenge for experienced hand-spinners.  In comparison to merino, it is much finer, has a relatively short staple length, and has no scales to latch the fibres together.  Experienced spinners use this fibre to card and spin as 100% qiviut, or to blend with other valuable fibres before hand-spinning.  

Some customers have purchased our spinning fibre just to have a momento from the Arctic, for gifts, or to put it straight in their windproof mitts or winter boots to help keep their extremities toasty warm.