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Pure 100% Qiviut Yarn - Lace - 1 oz - Plum

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Experience the luxurious warmth and softness of qiviut from Canadian Arctic muskox.   This pure 100% Qiviut lace yarn made by Nunavut Qiviut is sold in 1 oz skein spun as a 2 ply.  Each 1 oz skein is 190 yards/oz.  Nunavut Qiviut fibre is dyed with Greener Shades non-metal dyes. This is a plum colour. 100% qiviut only dyes into deep jewel tones because of the dark starting colour of 100% qiviut. We include photos of the plum colour 100% qiviut yarn with other 100% qiviut colours in diffuse light inside the igloo and in bright light outside to demonstrate how the plum colour is expressed in different light conditions.