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Nunavut Qiviut Crew Socks

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Super soft, smooth, and warm Nunavut Qiviut Socks constructed from 30% qiviut, 50% superfine merino, and 20% nylon made into a crew style sock.  Nunavut Qiviut custom made 3 ply lace sock yarn specifically for this sock design.  Both the superfine merino and nylon adds elasticity and strength necessary in a sock, with the nylon adds extra durability in the heels and toes.  The socks are ribbed on the top of the foot and up the ankle and double ribbed at the calf. These socks are more than typical bed socks traditionally made from qiviut.  These socks are made for light wear, and can be worn as part of an everyday wardrobe, for special events, and in cold weather.  Each pair of socks is made with more than 2 oz of Nunavut Qiviut yarn.

Medium fits women's sizes 7.5-10, or men's sizes 6-8.5 (North American sizes).

Large fits women's sizes 10.5-13, or men's sizes 9-11.5 (North American sizes).

For laundering Nunavut Qiviut Socks hand wash them in cold water with mild soap, press in a towel to dry and then lay flat to dry.  It is normal for the qiviut to bloom further and become softer with wear and washing.